August 30, 2011

Back to School

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

One beautiful 7TH GRADER!
One proud BSU loving 4TH GRADER and one sweet as pie 1ST GRADER!
I am home ALL alone ALL day for the 1st time in almost 18 years!!! Let the good times roll!!

Ghana Photos

Here are a few photo's of Dylan's Ghana trip. It seems to me that he had a magical time.

One thing Jason and I noticed was Dylan's genuine smile. He had a sparkle in his eye and his beautiful smile in every picture.
This is the large door that was closed each night. The students (Dylan) were in this area with dorm type rooms, kitchen, and a few in and outdoor social areas. Each morning the door would get opened and tons of kids would peek through waiting for the students to wake up eat and come out and play with them.
When the GLA students time in Ghana was done they each felt impressed to leave all there belongings behind for the kids. Dyaln pretty much came home with the shirt on his back.
Here is the kitchen where each meal was served.

This is inside where the GLA students stayed.
Here is Dylan, and the only 2 other boys dorm room. The rest of the students on this service trip were girls...18 of them!
Here are some of the kids that Dylan was teaching each day. They would split the kids up by intelligence, not age. So sometime you had 15 year olds with 5 year olds.

Here is a class room.

One of the many weekend trip that Dylan got to take was to the old Slave port. The got to take a tour inside where thousands and thousands of men, women and children were kept in small dungeon type cells for weeks and months at time.

The slave fort was located on the coast on a rocky cliff. The huge ships would come in and they would board the slaves onto the ships.

The area is now a huge fishing village. Dylan said that it was beautiful with all the small fishinf boats and piles and piles of nets.

Here is a small fishing boat coming back into shore.
Like I said there were only 3 boys out of 21 students.
The kids were split into groups. This is one of Dylans groups that he got to work with.

This cute girl was one of the highlights of the trip. Too bad she lives in Maryland!!
They went to a temple in Ghana and in order to show respect. The girls and boys each wore a traditional wrap in and around the Temple.
This is the courtyard between the classrooms. This is where all the kids played football (soccer) for hours.
Each morning the GLA students make bricks. They would take sand from the pile. mix it with cement and scoop it into rectangle molds. Then they would flip them over and set them in the sun to dry. These bricks were used to make classrooms.
Another fun weekend they had was hiking to feed monkeys. As they walked alone this bamboo path, a local man started to chant and whistle. This attracted the monkeys. They then held a banana up and a monkey would peel it while you held it and then grab the banana and eat it. Dyl said that they would peel them in about 2 seconds.

Dylan brought his University of Utah hat and some really cool sunglasses. The kids loved trying on his glasses and shades.